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Door to Door Services from Holland to Ghana, Amsterdam - Tema
123 Cargo offers ocean freight services for auto shipping from Holland to Ghana. Our rates are competitive, the service is fast and reliable. We can ship your cars via RO-RO (Roll-on Roll-off) service, when operable vehicles are driven directly on special-purpose vessels, or loaded and secured inside shipping containers.
RORO Shipping
Vehicles are driven directly into the RORO vessel and secured to the car decks; securely inside the vessel, wind-and-watertight. You cannot ship personal effects using this method but spare tire and factory fitted accessories are allowed.
Customers should be aware, that the vehicles for Ro-Ro shipments should be in great drivable condition, with no broken glass, body damage and mechanically sound. Some ocean carrier lines will accept non runners, but additional tow or forklift fee could be assessed.

Car shipping inside ocean containers
123 Cargo uses ocean containers for loading cars inside to provide worldwide car shipping. Through multiple years of experience, we have created the most secure and reliable way to safely load and transport cars inside ocean containers.
Car shipping inside ocean containers is the most secure way, as vehicles are secured and stable inside a steel box, protected from weather, elements and thieves.

RORO Shipping of heavy machinery
The special RoRo vessels are usually reserved for transportation of heavier cargo such as construction machinery, trucks, cars, cranes, boats on trailers, trams & trains, and other self-propelled vehicles.
These vessels have a number of decks that can be lifted, in order to take "High & Heavy" cargo, or lowered the decks in order to take many more cars.

Your Vehicle
There are a couple reasons why the make, model, and year of your vehicle are important for international shipping, especially to Ghana. Knowing these statistics will automatically determine its dimensions and those are important with regard to the space it will occupy on the ship. Also when shipping to Ghana, the Customs officials will not allow a vehicle more than 10 years old into the country, so be advised.

There can be nothing at all inside the car for shipping other than a spare set of car keys, which will be needed for RORO shipping because the car will be driven on and off the ship under its own power. This means you must also have tank of gas or less in the tank when shipping.